Yawl Boat Restoration

One of the things that make the Windjammer fleet of Penobscot Bay so unique is how many of them operate without an inboard engine. Instead, they carry 'yawl boats', which act as tug boats that can be hauled out of the water on davits when they aren't needed. These stout little boats are very interesting studies in design, as they must be light enough in construction as to be reasonable to haul out of the water with block and tackle, but also strong enough in the right places to hold up to the extraordinary point loading, vibration, and general banging around that their occupation demands. 

This yawl boat, Tug N' Grunt was built by Doug Lee in the 80's to service the Isaac H Evans (now the Boyd N Sheppard ). By 2018, she was beginning to show her age, and had been repaired multiple times over the length of her hard service. It may have been a blessing in disguise when the Evans broke her moorings in a late fall gale and crushed her entire starboard side. Several planks were stove in, the sheer structure was destroyed, and almost every frame was broken over the thwart riser.

We brought the broken little boat to our shop, and over the course of six weeks, almost completely re-framed the boat, replaced four planks, installed a new breasthook, mounted new inwales and rub rails, and many other smaller repairs. Nowadays she is tight as a drum and should be serviceable for decades to come.