Traditional/historic boat and ship building, repair, and restoration is what we do.  Our primary area of expertise is woodworking. Whether fitting precise joinery such as finely crafted dovetails and geometrically complex raised panel interiors or shaping and installing rough-sawn ship timbers quickly and efficiently, there is no level of finish that we cannot appropriately achieve.  There are standards of construction and cosmetic details that apply accordingly to certain yachts, work boats, and historic vessels, often dictated by their particular time-period and place of origin, and we have a keen understanding of these details and how to research them when necessary. We also offer traditional caulking with both cotton and oakum, our experience ranging from large hardwood-planked ships to small boats with delicate scantlings. In addition, we can arrange rigging, sailmaking, metalworking, and mechanical/systems work through a network of specialized contractors that we are acquainted with, most of whom are among the most respected tradespeople in their field. Whether a vessel serves a commercial purpose, museum or non-profit use, or is privately owned for recreation, we welcome clients of all types.

We believe deeply in the preservation and practice of building, restoring, and using traditional vessels, especially those built of wood with centuries-old construction methods. Whether these vessels are used for recreation, commercial purposes, or as educational platforms, there is still a place in our world for the practices of earlier times. With consideration for varying degrees of practicality and economy we will use modern materials when called for, but our main objective as stewards of this craft is to honor both the aesthetic qualities and the worthwhile design techniques that define the tradition.

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