Manitou is a steel coasting schooner built for the passenger trade on Lake Champlain. In the 90's she was brought to the Great Lakes and has been part of a very successful daysail and windjammer company in Traverse City, Michigan. Her owner, Dave McGinnis, is well known in the industry as a a great person to work with, an excellent business person, and a very proactive maintainer of his boats. During the winter of 2017/18, the old fir deck was removed and replaced with Alaskan yellow cedar by Eric Seefeld. C&E Boatbuilding was brought in to caulk the new deck, pictured below. 

From Owner Dave McGinnis:

We engaged Garett’s expertise to caulk the new deck on our 77’ schooner, Manitou. He

produced top quality work, performed quickly and efficiently, with a minimum of fuss. The time frame/cost quoted for the job was accurate to the outcome. We would not hesitate to hire Garett or Tim for any future projects.