Black Jack

Black Jack is the oldest Friendship Sloop afloat. She was designed and built by Wilbur A Morse in 1900 in Friendship, Maine. Morse is associated with the final development of the icon sloop-boats of Muscongus Bay, and Black Jack is an exceptionally handsome example of the type. Like many Friendship Sloops, she was converted to a yacht after fishing under sail was no longer commercially viable.


She was brought to the Sail, Power & Steam Museum of Rockland, ME for a complete restoration to her original configuration as a work boat. The vessel is essentially brand new, with only a few partial pieces of her original backbone remaining. Local boatbuilder Jim Loney began the project, reframing and planking the topsides. At his point Clark & Eisele took over the project and completed her in 2018. A great deal of effort was made to study historical photographs and documents to make this as close to a historical recreation as possible. Maritime historian Maynard Bray made considerable contributions to this effort. She was even launched on a hemlock cradle drawn by a team of four oxen. 

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